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    Corporate Culture

    Bluestar was established by Ren Jianxin and seven other young people in 1984. In the past three decades, Bluestar has developed into one of the top chemical companies in China through the hard work of all employees inspired by the spirit of the company founders. Bluestar has formed unique corporate culture through many years’ development.

    Corporate principles: Produce values and profits for the shareholders, create work posts for the society.


    Can-do Spirit

    Other Principles:

    Talents Strategy:

    Born gifted, I will surely find a use for my talent.

    Quality Values:

    Product quality is as important as moral quality.

    Culture Values:

    keep an open mind about different ideas

    Values about human resource management:

    We employ trustworthy people

    Values about Money:

    Money represents that society's recognitions on one’s diligence and talent.

    Values about Development:

    Development always goes before profit distribution.

    Values about Interpersonal Relationship:

    A hedge between keeps friendship green.

    Values about Life:


    Values about Justice and Interests:

    Never seek profits at the expense of public interests

    Values about Sales:

    Presence decides sales, market grows with hard work and sweat.

    Values about Success:

    Details are the key to success.

    Media Inquiry

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