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    News and Events
    Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. an…[2012-10-11]
    Announcement on Obtaining the …[2021-03-31]
    ChemChina Ranks 144th among th…[2019-07-22]
    ChemChina Ranks 167th among th…[2018-07-19]
    Elkem completes IPO and listin…[2018-03-22]
    Five projects from Shenyang Ch…[2018-02-26]
    Shenyang Chemical Work Confere…[2018-02-22]
    Shenyang Chemical’s paste resi…[2017-09-20]
    Shenyang Chemical awarded high…[2017-03-27]
    2017 Work Conference of Shenya…[2017-01-26]
    Italian Embassy Congratulates …[2016-06-02]
    Lehigh Institute Was Awarded I…[2016-05-17]
    Hangzhou Water Treatment Launc…[2016-05-11]
    Shenyang Chemical makes CHINAP…[2016-05-04]
    ChemChina completes takeover o…[2016-04-29]
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