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    Company News
    Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jin Bilan Co. Ltd. relocation and transformation projects start
    Source: Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Date: 2012-10-11


    From our correspondent (Reporter Liu Ni) On August 31, relocation and expansion transformation project for Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shenyang G.Bellow Co., Ltd. affiliated to China National Bluestar Group Shenyang Chemical Group held a groundbreaking ceremony. The project is located in Chemical Industry Park of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Shenyang Chemical Co. Ltd will move out from the original site in the Weigong Street after the completion of the new plant, being the last large enterprises to move out from the center of old Tiexi Industrial Zone. Liaoning Provincial Standing Committee, Shenyang Municipal Party Secretary Zeng Wei, Shenyang Mayor Chen Haibo, Shenyang Municipal People's Congress Chairman Zhao Changyi, attended the ceremony and cut ribbon for the project.

    Original site of Shenyang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. has become a commercial residential area with the development in recent years, which severely restricted the upgrading of enterprises. Shenyang Jin Bilan Chemical Co. Ltd., located in the junction of Shenyang and Fushun city are also subject to the constraints of space for development. Therefore, under the deployment of municipal party committee and municipal government, in order to get rid of the development bottlenecks, Shenyang Chemical Group began planning the relocation and transformation of the two companies as a whole from last year, combining with Shenyang urban planning and industrial layout.

    The relocation projects with newly-levied land of 1 million square meters, nearly doubling the original factory area of ??the sum of the two companies, has created favorable conditions for the construction of international level large-scale chemical plant industry group. In new region, Shenyang Chemical Group will build five projects: the world's leading 250,000 tons / year of membrane caustic soda, 200,000 tons / year of PVC paste resin, 1,500 tons / year fumed silica, 60,000 tons / year epoxy propane, 60,000 tons / year polyether polyol as well as construct the supporting utility, transportation & storage facility, environmental & safety facility. The project is expected to be completed within three years.

    Relocation and expansion renovation projects start a new round of prelude to the project construction of Shenyang Chemical Group. It is bound to further expand the production scale, improve product quality and grade, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. 200,000 tons / year of PVC paste resin production capacity and sales volume remain the largest in Asia, and will enter the top three in the world and further highlight the leading role of the domestic industry.

    The New projects have significance on environmental protection and production safety. Shenyang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. and Jin Bilan Co. Ltd. are planned in the same production area, so it can directly supply the raw materials in mutual and treatment waste water and waste solid in unified way, forming a new chemical production mode of upstream and downstream integration, which reduces production and transportation costs, but also decreases the risk of accidents.

    Municipal Standing Committee, Tiexi District Party Secretary Li Jian attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The deputy municipal cadres, the Tiexi District Mayor Li Songlin gave speech at ceremony.

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