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    Company News
    Shenyang Chemical’s paste resin awarded Liaoning Provincial Key Famous Brand Product
    Source: SYCC Date: 2017-09-20

    Currently the first Liaoning key famous brand products list is published, in which the pillar product of Shenyang Chemical----- paste resin is included, meanwhile the caustic soda product has passed Liaoning famous brand products review. PE product from subsidiary Shenyang Paraffin-wax is conferred Liaoning Famous Brand Product in the first time.

    For many years Shenyang Chemical always adheres to brand strategy implementation to push enterprise development. The company pillar product PVC paste resin stands out from more than 1000 candidates for key famous brand products because the enterprise takes unremitting efforts in technical innovation and continuously strengthens market influence. This product has been rated Liaoning Famous Brand Product, China Famous Brand Product, China Petrol &Chemical Industry Famous Brand Product, and National Customer Satisfactory Product. After relocating to new factory zone, paste resin production capacity has reached 200000 tons/year, ranking first in Asia and second in the world, production technology and product quality getting to world-first-class. In recent years the company has developed based on self-innovation and independent intellectual property rights and now has 17 kinds of products, of which 11 are self-developed and fill many gaps in the field of paste resin application.
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