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    Company News
    Five projects from Shenyang Chemical Group awarded Technical Transformation Project Prize by ChemChina
    Source: SYCC Date: 2018-02-26

    At present five projects of Shenyang Chemical Group was awarded during the 2016-2017 excellent technical transformation projects selection event hosted by ChemChina. Two projects i.e. 2# Generator Unit Speed Governing System Modification, etc won the second prize, and three projects i.e. Chlor-alkali Plant Pure Water Recovery, etc got the third prize.

    In recent years Shenyang Chemical Group took efforts to improve projects quality and greatly focused on key projects of good benefits while shrinking technical transformation investment, and actively organized technical teams to participate in various award activities hold by Bluestar and ChemChina. In the event of 2016-2017 technical transformation projects selection hosted by ChemChina, Shenyang Chemical Group recommended five good-benefits projects of technical transformation through strict selection and finally all of them were honored by ChemChina.

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